10 Common Herbs Which Are Popular In The Kitchen And Health

3. Rosemary

Rosemary is a widely used herb which has superior medicinal properties. This herb which is popular in the Mediterranean region, is known for its excellent flavor, as it adds a distinct aroma and an added dimension particularly to meat dishes.

You can also use the leaves of rosemary in a pot with other dried flowers, along with adding similar herbs to create a pleasant healing environment in your living area. What’s also popular is rinsing your hair in rosemary water.

2. Mint

If fresh mint leaves are used strategically, it can blend well with almost every dish. It’s capable of growing profusely, so there’s no excuse picking some from your garden, and adding it to your cooking. It’s also great for garnishes, cooking with lamb, while adding its cool flavor to cocktails.

Making tea is also a favorite, this by just boiling water and then adding a handful of fresh leaves, and then allowing it to steep. During the summer, it makes an excellent refreshing drink.

1. Oregano

Oregano is readily available fresh in most areas and if not, it can be substituted with Ajwain, which is similar. What it brings is an unique flavor with a Mediterranean twist to your food, as it’s a popular herb that’s used in sauces in that area.

It’s especially good when served fresh with feta cheese, or in Greek salads that’s drizzled in extra virgin olive oil. What’s also been popular lately is its extract, which produces the oil of oregano, which is excellent as an antibacterial medicinal agent.

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