10 Needs Which Contributes To Our Survival As A Human Being

7. Medicine

Medication and remedies is what cures us from our various health ailments. This can be in form of either herbs or be chemically synchronized, this for better and quicker clinical effect. Primitive man developed and was dependent on various types of natural herbs and medicinal plants, this to accelerate the healing and cure of injury or ailment.

6. Electrical Energy

Humans can’t survive in total darkness. What’s needed is power to keep the day going, such as solar energy, water, wind, and wood, all which are heavily depended upon. Water is needed to produce hydro electricity, wind to run wind mills, wood for cooking food. There are now other forms of evolving technology such as solar panels and solar cookers. Humans were nomads until energy was invented, and couldn’t settle down until then.

5. Need To Socialize

Individuals who are unsocial are ignored, considered aloof. Society precedes the individual. Anyone who can’t or lead a common life such as a hermit, and doesn’t partake in society, is an outcast. What’s known is that the average human can’t live alone for long, as what’s needed is interaction. People need company, and without others, we can’t work, play, think, and develop.