10 Needs Which Contributes To Our Survival As A Human Being

4. Real Estate Land

“They’re not making anymore more land” as they say, so people are constantly willing to fight for it, to claim their space. Without land, humans and most animals can’t survive. Tribes needed land to sustain themselves. Land, real estate, is what helped us out grow out of our primitive cocoon, and become civilized. Humankind transformed themselves from being scavengers, to farmers, to capitalists, because of land.

3. Shelter And Housing

Early man also discovered that shelter is an important basic need for survival, this from the natural elements and other hazards, whether they be human or environmental. The first instinct of every human is to protect themselves and their family. It’s food, water, and shelter, which motivates us to work. Humans can survive practically anywhere, whether be it a cave or a luxury yacht, or on top of a mountain, provided that all core essentials are met.

2. Water

Water is the key ingredient which allows us humans to evolve. Life without water, is life without oxygen. We lose water through sweating, bodily wastage, and breathing. Water is the sole element which keeps the organs in our body operating. What water does is flushes out the accumulated toxins from the kidneys and liver. Humans are able to survive without food for weeks, but just days without water.

1. Food

Primitive man found out early that to avoid starving to death, eating food was necessary. The primary purpose of food is to first survive, and then to produce energy. What eating food does is provides all the essential nutrients, such as vitamins, carbohydrates, and protein, this to give the body long-term energy. These nutrients are similar to a car engine needing gas to keep it running.