Top 10 Most Common Health Food Myths Exposed

7. Margarine Is Better Than Butter

There was a movement a couple decades ago to avoid butter, this because of the belief that consuming it elevated the “bad” cholesterol levels in the body.

What’s now known is that margarine, its replacement, which is a manufactured product, is worse. Margarine is found infinitely more harmful to one’s health since most contain dangerous trans fats.

6. Whole Grain Foods Are Better

What we’ve been told recently is to stay away from the “whites,” which includes white bread, white bakery products, and even white pasta, this in favor of whole grain products.

Although grains may be healthier and thus true, always make sure to check what their fiber content is, this especially for store bought products, which may offset how healthy they actually are.

5. Fruits Develop Unhealthy Cells

This myth is completely false, but is rather it’s the opposite, as the more fresh fruit you eat, the more you’ll keep the most common forms of illness away.

What’s constantly recommended for patients stricken with major illness is to constantly munch on as many whole fresh fruits, this instead of avoiding them.

The myth being that the unhealthy cells will expand, because of the high sugar content found in the fruit, thus becoming potentially dangerous.