Top 10 Most Common Health Food Myths Exposed

4. Another Myth About Bananas

Some find this myth ridiculous, that eating too many bananas can result in potassium overdose. Although it’s true that too much potassium in supplemental form, can potentially become a health issue.

All forms of natural potassium that’s found in fruits and vegetables including bananas, is completely safe, even though a single banana can contain around 1,200 mg of potassium. There’s no danger of an overdose.

3. Carrots Improves Eyesight

What some who has poor vision will do, is constantly nibble on carrots, this in the hopes to the myth that doing so will improve their eyesight.

What’s known for certain is that while carrots are definitely good and healthy for you, they won’t single-handedly improve vision. So keep those glasses on, and don’t overdose on the carrots.

2. Eating Fruit Develops Candida

Another myth which persists when it comes to eating fruit, is that some believe eating too many apples, bananas, or mangoes, develops Candida.

What they’ll then do is self diagnose themselves and begin to panic. This myth is completely false. Candida is a yeast like, parasitic fungus which can at times cause thrush.

1. Eating Too Much Fruit Results In Elevated Blood Sugar

One of the rewards when choosing to eat healthy, is enjoying as many varieties of fruits as possible. This myth that eating excess fruit, because they contain plenty of sugar, will elevate blood sugar levels.

What they believe is that eating too much fruit will cause a sugar rush and a subsequent crash, leaving one famished. This is false, as having high blood sugar has nothing to do with eating fruit.