10 Reasons Why Our Bodies Will Become Deficient In Minerals

4. Coffee, Soda, Alcoholic Beverages

Coffee and caffeinated beverages in general are diuretics, and during their processing, the body becomes rapidly depleted in its supply of calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium. In addition to that, regularly consuming alcoholic products exhausts iron, manganese, and potassium stores. What soda has are high amounts of phosphorous, which obstructs the assimilation of calcium and potassium.

3. Lower Stomach Acid Levels

Minerals are depleted from the aliments that we ingest. It becomes impossible for the stomach to break down the molecules and then absorb them, this if the stomach acids aren’t working properly. What’s known is that it’s calcium along with other minerals that’s necessary for the body to function, and all are in direct correlation with each other. Zinc for instance, is directly responsible for regulating stomach acid.

2. Pharmaceutical Drugs

Even just regularly taking antacids can reduce minerals since they contain aluminum hydroxide. What this compound has is a devastating effect on the calcium that’s in the body. One of its key side effects, is blocking the assimilation of calcium that’s in the intestinal tract. Cortisone is also responsible for potassium and calcium deficiencies. Magnesium and zinc levels are depleted by birth control pills, and with continuous use, will reduce copper levels.

1. Mineral Depletion In Agriculture Soil

The mineral depletion in cultivated soil is the main reason why we’re experiencing deficiency today, this because we can’t ingest the required mineral dosage, even if it’s organic. What constantly growing certain grains, fruits, and vegetables year after year in the same soil does, is inevitably wears it out. What results is the level of minerals in the soil becomes depleted. To avoid this soil depletion, annual crop rotation and adding fertilization via compost is needed. However, since the costs aren’t feasible, most fruit and vegetable producers grow their stock as is.