10 Reasons Why You Should Never Hurl Insults Towards Others

7. Feeling Guilt

Once you insult someone, it may give you temporary relief, but then attempting to mend things back to normal, can take time, or it’s irreparable. Once you offend someone, you realize your mistake, and then try to justify or defend your actions, which can make the relationship worse. They know you’re lying, not genuine, you’re jealous or aggressive towards them, so just spare yourself the time.

6. Damaging Relationships

Effective communication is what nurtures a healthy relationship. It takes work to develop a good one, but just a split second to destroy it, as all takes is just a single word or action. When talking to people while considering their feelings, being careful not to hurt them, what’s developed is a successful relationship. However, insulting them can leave a permanent scar on their minds, and the relationship may never be the same.

5. Big Ego

Esteem is others admiring you for your qualities. But once you begin mocking yourself in front of others, you’re just shooting yourself. The main reason why people insult is to just make themselves feel better, more powerful or perfect. What’s known is that insults are a sign of insecurity and low self esteem. Never judge or degrade others, just to feed your wavering ego.

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