10 Reasons Why You Should Never Hurl Insults Towards Others

4. Self-Image And Respect

Our self-image is our internal dictionary, one which describes our personality back to us. Once we insult someone and then later regret it, what we often feel is guilt, and then we create a negative image about ourselves. What we then do is place ourselves in the shoes of others, and then begin to judge our actions. This negative image leads to poor self-esteem, which lowers our self-confidence.

3. Lack Of Patience

Once insulting someone, what you’re showing is a lack of patience. When communicating, what showing patience does is makes you a good communicator, but if you start yelling at someone because they reacted badly, it makes you come across as a volatile person to avoid. What a lack of communication can lead towards is your effectiveness, and you can lose the trust of that person forever.

2. Social Status

What others will always do is observe, gossip, and then make judgment. Having social status is important to a persons life, so it becomes vital to maintain it. Once you insult someone, whether it be in public or private, if others happen to observe you, or if they heard it from the offended person, they’ll have a different opinion of you, that you can’t control your temper and emotions. You lose your honor and respect.

1. Have A Bad Day

Once you revile someone, you hurt them, they feel offended and you’re the source of causing this sadness, shame, or anger. Even if you were correct in your opinion, how you came across to deliver your message could of have been different, calmer. Instead of shouting angrily out loud, try to convey your message more politely and effectively, this because your anger can make the other person’s day horrible.