10 Survival Skills You Need To Learn When Living Off The Grid

6. Navigational Skills

Getting around an unfamiliar remote location, can prove to be extremely difficult without finely tuned navigational skills. To survive, one needs to know basic compass skills, where and how the sun rises and sets. To learn celestial navigational skills to locate cardinal directions.

5. Knowledge Of First Aid

The wilderness, the forest can be a hazard, this from bodily injury from falls, scrapes on the arms and legs, experiencing insect bites, burns, or the various poisons that are out there in the wild. So what’s needed to be known are the basic first-aid skills, as injury can occur at any time while stuck in a remote location.

4. Finding Fresh Water

The ability to find fresh water in the wild becomes key to survival. It’s possible to survive for days without eating food, but what’s known is that you can’t last more than 48 hours without fresh water. Especially if the conditions are hot or muggy, you’ll find yourself becoming quickly dehydrated, weak, and unable to function.