10 Survival Skills You Need To Learn When Living Off The Grid

3. Finding Food

The ability to recognize which types of foods that are found in the wild are edible, and which ones are poisonous. Being able to find food is obviously a vital component when it comes to survival. Without eating on a daily basis, the body becomes weakened, and the important tasks that are related to survival, becomes diminished.

2. The Need For Fire

Fire is the key element when it comes to survival. Without fire, there’s nothing else that will cook your food or keep you warm. When you’re stuck remotely, or choose to live off the grid, you need a source of fire. Other than shelter, the number one thing you need is fire. The result of being exposed to cold, results in hypothermia and pneumonia.

1. Finding Suitable Shelter

The number 1 survival essential is the need for shelter. Before building this shelter, what needs to be considered is the best ideal location. Once this location is strategically planned out, what’s needed are the skills to assemble a suitable shelter, which won’t be destroyed by the elements, such as wind and water.