10 Things Women Should Never Say To Their Boyfriends

5.Never Insult Him Publicly

What men can do is accept various degrees of verbal abuse, but never push it too far, far enough to damage his ego. The image he portrays and what others think of him is important to him, so never do or say anything that insults him in public. The worst way you can do so, is humiliate him in front of his closest friends or family.

4. Asking For An Introduction To His Male Friend

If that person, his friend isn’t famous, such as a musician who you admire and happens to be an acquaintance of your partner, never ask for introductions to his pals.

Things may become rapidly ice cold between you two, once you obviously appear extremely excited meeting one of his friends. Never flirt publicly in front of him, as then the odds will increase that you’ll be taking the taxi home alone, or with the other guy.

3. Comparing Him To Your “Ex”

Never reminisce about all of the good times that you’ve had with your ex-partner, as these comparisons is one thing that men just dread. Keep in mind that he’s your “ex” because things obviously didn’t work out for you. It’s okay to compliment your current partner by comparing his better assets to your ex, but never the other way around.

2. Hinting That He’s A Loser

Men still traditionally want to assume the role of being the breadwinner, and remain competitive when it comes to their career, and the ability to make money, especially more or just as much as you.

So if he’s currently going through a rough patch economically, never blame him, call him lazy or a loser, to accept defeat, this because it might just be the final blow for him. What constant failure does is reminds him he may of made a few mistakes in his life, and he doesn’t want you to confirm it.

1. Complementing One Of His Friends

What men do, is constantly compete and compare themselves with each other, on almost everything they do. So if you happen to tell your partner that you find one of his friends attractive, is a huge mistake, especially if he lacks similar or certain qualities.


Despite of how attracted you may be towards that other person, always avoid making any type of comment that may feed on his insecurity or inadequacies. The only complement that you should give, are the traits that both he and his friend shares.

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