10 Types Of People To Avoid When Looking For A Relationship

7. The Snobbish Elitist

These brilliant elitist women, can be considered the opposite of the not so brilliant but beautiful “bimbo” type of date. What you will constantly feel, is embarrassed once she says something that’s way over your head, and you feel like a dunce.

She’s constantly talking down to you, about nuclear physics or whatever, and then may become condescending. Since a successful relationship revolves around the mutual understanding of both parties, and if you’re not on par with her, save the embarrassment and avoid her.

6. Women Who Cheat

If you’re wanting or planning to get involved with a woman, who’s currently either married or already in a relationship, and she wants to date you because she’s not satisfied, then beware. If and when she does become single again, then the chances are good that she’ll remain the same, and eventually cheat on you as well.

Even though this might not always be the case, but more often than not, that’s the reason why her previous relationships didn’t work out. Since she’s willing to have a relationship with you while still being attached, all what you’re then accepting, is the risk that you might get hurt yourself.

5. Way Too Emotional

The reason why you should avoid women who gets too emotional, who constantly resorts to tears to get what she wants, is because it’s a form of manipulation that she most often likely uses intentionally, to control the situation. Some call it emotional blackmail.

Going out with someone who constantly uses crying as a weapon, means that you’ll be forced to ward off at times embarrassing and obnoxious moments both privately and especially in public, as the relationship becomes an annoying one sided sob story.

4. Constantly Looking For An Argument

Although it’s a fact that all couples on occasion will fight and have arguments, as they’re impossible to avoid, what you should look out for, is if a woman who you may be currently dating, is always constantly aggravated and angry at something, and looking to pick a fight for no reason at all.


The good news is, that these types of women are easy to spot, this because they’re easily offended, and she may suddenly start an argument out of the blue, this as soon as after the first few dates. Over time, the attacks become worse and won’t cease, and it’s guaranteed that you can’t win.

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