10 Ways To Avoid Or Prevent Jet Lag For Those Who Travel

3. Drink Plenty Of Water Stay Hydrated

What’s found key to minimizing jet lag is staying hydrated, this by drinking plenty of water. What becomes vital is drinking water before, during, and after traveling. What air travel does is absorbs water out of the body, while the dry cabin air conditions doesn’t help.

What the lack of humidity in the airplane does, is dehydrates the body quicker, and the symptoms worsens once landing. So make it a point to stay hydrated with fresh water flavored with lemon slices. What drinking water also does, is promotes more frequent trips to the bathroom, which gives you reason to move around more.

2. Seek Daylight Once Arriving

If arriving at the destination during daylight, make sure to spend time in the natural sunlight. What this exposure to the sun and daylight does, is helps adjust to the new time zone quicker. Daylight is thought to be the most powerful force that regulates the sleep-wake cycle, which reduces jet leg symptoms.

What exposure to the morning sun does, is helps the body adjust quicker to time zones, when traveling from west to east. What getting daylight during the early evening does, is helps the body adjust when traveling east to west. It’s vital to soak in as much daylight as possible, while avoiding the direct sunlight in hot climes.

1. Alter Sleep Patterns Before Departure

What’s recommended is to start altering sleep patterns, this a few days before the flight departure. What this does is helps the internal body clock adjust quicker, to the new time zone. Alter the sleep as close as possible, to match the sleep times of the destination.

For instance, if traveling from west to east, try going to sleep a few hours earlier than your usual bedtime. If traveling from east to west, go to sleep a few hours later. For best results, make these changes a couple of days before departure. What’s also needed is adequate sleep before the trip, this to combat fatigue, which compounds the jet lag.