3G iPhone Rumored To Be Released In The United States In 2008

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Although the Apple iPhone has sold millions of units since it’s introduction in June, 2007, the common theme was that potential buyers would wait for a ‘Version 2’ of the iPhone release. The first generation of the iPhone model lacked some features such as: no 3G, no open platform and it did not have a removable battery, just to mention a few. Also, the thought of buying anything ‘completely new’ was also a deterrent as manufacturers seldom produce the perfect ‘first version’ of anything correctly.

So what about ‘Version 2’ of the iPhone? Apple-Insider recently reported that a mobile carrier in Sweden will introduce the first 3G driven iPhone, as soon as January, 2008. But there is no guarantee that the 3G version of the iPhone will be available in the United States anytime soon. So keep tuned as it is only a matter of time. The idea of a broadband, high-speed internet or iTunes screaming through your iPhone is an tantalizing thought. So be patient.

Recently, Randall Stephenson, an AT&T CEO stated that the 3G iPhone will be available sometime in 2008. No details were given on the exact date, but he did say that Apple is in the development phase. The primary reason why the iPhone did not originally have 3G was because of the poor battery life of the iPhone. Other manufacturers, such as Sony Ericsson has this battery issue solved and offers 3G, so its just a matter of time.

How Much Bigger, Better, Faster Is 3G?
So 3G, which is short for “Third-Generation Wireless”, has been on the wireless blotter for a few years now, is the next generation high speed mobile service based on GSM. The 3G platform supports high speed broadband, allowing extended speed of wireless transmission of: text, voice, multimedia, and video at rates from 384-kbps to 2-Mbps. The end game of 3G is to provide mobile users with the same high speed services that are offered by broadband. With 3G, the mobile phone user can access high-speed internet, video-conferencing, video and TV services directly on their mobile unit such as the iPhone.

3G can support speeds from 384kbps to 2 Mbps where the current 2.5G system has rates of 9.6 to 40 kbps. Quite a bit faster.

The development of 3G was to address the demand for extended fast mobile network capacity requirements and services. The ITU (International Telecommunication Union) originated and defined the 3G concept back in the 1980s. In 1999, the 3G (Third-Generation Partnership Project) was formed to establishing 3G specifications. The 3G Partnership Project is a collaboration of several global telecommunications standards from: Japan, Europe, the United States, China and Korea.


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