4 Excellent Tips For Work At Home Mom Entrepreneurs: How to Make Time for Yourself

If you are a WAHM, a work at home mom, or if you are busy at both home and at work, some days it may seem almost impossible to find any spare time for yourself. You may be wondering how those other ‘Mom Entrepreneurs’ manage their time for their family and themselves.

Well, Here Are Some Tips:

1. Take Breaks During The Day
Have you ever been just overwhelmed and feel that you can’t stop or slow down for the fear you will fall yet further behind? When you are in a high stressed situation, it’s easy for your thinking to become confused and cluttered, thus making you less productive. Well, when that occurs, that’s the exact moment when you should be taking a break. Whether you choose to take a brisk 15-minute walk outdoors, catch a matinee, or even taking a full day outside doing completely unrelated activities that you love to do. Slowing down and relaxing and getting your mind off things can actually provide you with amazing clarity and actually help you complete your tasks faster and on time. This to you may seem counterproductive, but it really works!

To prevent your life from going into overload, try doing the following tips on a regular basis…

2. Take the time out to socialize at least once a week

Taking time out has proven to be invaluable to the Mom Entrepreneur. Make it a point to go out and socialize at least once or twice a week with your friends, partner, or just get out there and have some time alone. It will revive you and will instantly make you a lot more focused when you come back to being a mom or a business person. It’s pretty well known that ‘All work and no play, can make you a dull boring person,’ and it will also make you completely stressed out and ineffective!

3. Take a couple “Mommy Moments” as often as possible.
Make it a priority to take some time out and take those “Mommy Moments” as often as possible. You can soak in a sauna in your bathroom, go for a workout or a run, or enjoy a favorite goodie, such as chocolate chip cookies or an ice cream sandwich, that you can devour say once a week.

Another excellent “Mommy Moment” is that its okay to take the occasional ‘afternoon nap’. Whether it be for a quick ten or fifteen minutes or even forty-five minutes, it’s refreshing and relaxing once in a while just to take a nap, but don’t make it a habit. The revitalization that you instantly receive from a short catnap is very beneficial and powerful. If you are not able to take a nap in the middle of a hectic chaotic day, it is vitally important to take yourself out of your stressful situation to regain focus. You will have more mental clarity and energy if you meditate and clear your head.

4. Go “off duty” on a set regular time
If you are a stay at home working mom, its important you choose a regular time during the day when you are on a mandatory break, sort of an “off duty” time. For example, say every evening after 8:30PM every night, your kids cannot bother you with “Mommy, where are my pants?” or “I want some cookies for my school party tomorrow,” etc. (Of course, other than emergencies.) Your kids will soon learn and understand to ask for what they need before your ‘off duty’ time or will wait until the morning. This will work on young children all the way up to teenagers! So set out a ‘off duty’ time for yourself, everyone will understand.


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