6 Essential Skin Care Tips to Avoid Developing Those Unwanted Wrinkles

If you are still relatively young, you then have the time to take good care of your skin to stop or avoid those wrinkles from developing. There are great ways for you do this and it will not cost you a lot of time or effort. You may be saying, hey, I’ve got a lot of other things to worry about than wrinkles, after all, I’m only 24. You are probably battling other concerns such as acne blemishes including those ghastly pimples, so you would rather not worry about something that’s years down the road, right?

If you are just carefree and careless about your skin, it really doesn’t matter if you happen to be young or old, you will develop those lines around your face, your eyes, mouth and neck. The best preventative maintenance is to start taking care of your skin when you’re young.

Six Skin Care Tips
When you are in your teens, you will experiment with different types of make-up, which may contain potentially harmful chemicals. You do this so you can look and feel better, and act all grown up. They promise to make you look a lot more attractive and your skin feeling fresh and sparkling.

What you really need to do is slow down the natural aging process of your skin. And this also applies to males as well.

1. Always wash your face. But not too often, especially if your home does not have a water purifier. Many do not realize that the water coming out of the tap may be harmful to your skin. What it contains is chlorine, which adds to the risk of developing wrinkles in your skin. So if this happens to be the case, just wash your face once a day with a good cleanser. This way, you’ll be able to retain the proper amount of moisture as well as natural oil in your skin, which chlorine will dry out.

2. When washing you face, use a mild cleanser or soap. Choose the recognized brands that contain natural moisturizers. Never use soaps or deodorants that contain alkaline.


3. Always choose moisturizers for your face that is water based. Directly after washing your face, make sure you use a clean soft towel or cloth to gently pat your skin dry, then apply the moisturizer.

4. The sun, although it adds essential Vitamin D, also contributes to developing lines on your face. So use the proper amount of sunscreen when you are going out or to the beach. This applies even if you’re exposed to the sun just for a short period of time.

5. The way you sleep and your sleeping position also contributes to you developing wrinkles. Try to lie on your back when you’re sleeping. But do this only if you are comfortable with it and won’t cause back problems. The main effect of doing this is that it will offset gravity’s effects on the nutrients in your skin.

6. Avoid smoking altogether. When you’re young, you want to act like an adult and experiment with a lot of different things. But this vice does nothing good for your lungs or your skin. There was a time when smoking cigarettes was a cool thing to do. But no, just quit. When people start mistaking you for a 30 yr old, when you’re in your early 20’s, is that what you want? You do not want to go down that road.

Everybody will eventually naturally develop wrinkles as they age. But while you’re still relatively young, you can prevent it as long as possible, so do all you can about it.

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