6 Phrases To Say On A Daily Basis To Be Appreciated More

We say the first thing that comes to our mind based on our emotions. The words we speak on a daily basis can carry immense weight. If you’re wanting to make a difference in yours or someone else’s life, then carefully choose what words you speak.

If you’re in a position of influence, then there are certain words you need to say everyday, this to your significant other, friends or family, employees and colleagues.

Basically anyone you care about or want to reach out to.

If you have a crowd of people who needs to listen to you, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re smarter or better than them.

So always weight your words carefully, always back up and justify all of your statements, and have valid reasons for your decisions.

Always be ready to give a reason for what you say, verify everything you do with sense and logic, and never from a position of authority or arrogance.

When taking the time to explain yourself, especially if what you said was controversial, what doing so does is it opens everything up for discussion or criticism.


6 Phrases You Should Say On A Daily Basis

1.) – Always Say “You’re Welcome”

Think about the last time you gave what you thought was an appropriate gift, to someone you cared about.

The recipient however appeared embarrassed, ungrateful and awkward. Their reaction took away from the art of gifting.

The recipient of the gift however, “thanks you” for the thought, even if it was inappropriate.

Don’t spoil the moment for them, even if the situation is awkward.

Even if the spotlight makes you feel uncomfortable, make eye contact with that person and say, “You’re Welcome.”

Make it all about the other person and not yourself, and all the tension dissipates.

2.) – Admit You Were Wrong

We all make mistakes, act inappropriately, or show poor judgement on occasion.

So whenever you’re in the wrong, even slightly, admit it by saying that you were wrong, that you made a mistake.

What happens once you admit you’ve made a mistake, is you’ll earn respect rather than lose it.

3.) – Say “You’re Sorry”

We as humans are never perfect, we make mistakes, but our ego usually stops us from admitting we made an error, and then we attempt to cover it up somehow.


We all have things we need to apologize for, which includes our actions, words, omissions, failing to step up or step in. We fail to show support or respect.

On a daily basis, there are things or events we should be genuinely sorry about.

The quick easy fix for this, is to just say “I’m Sorry,” even if you were just slightly in the wrong.

Never however, follow up the apology by adding a disclaimer such as, “I was really upset because…” or any other statement that places the blame back on that person.

Just say you’re sorry. Be genuine and really mean it.

Say why you’re sorry, while taking the blame it’s your fault. No less, no more.

What you’re doing is making a fresh start.

4.) – Tell Someone… “You Are Awesome”

No one ever gets the proper or enough praise that they deserve.

So pick someone, anyone, who continuously does or did something well and beyond what they needed to, then say to them, “Wow, that was great how you…”

Feel free to go back in time by saying, “It was great how you handled that problem last month…” as doing so can make just as much impact now, as it would have back then.

Giving out praise is a gift which costs absolutely nothing to the giver, but is priceless for the recipient.

So begin praising others, and be genuine and make it heartfelt.

Those who are around you will appreciate and love you for it, and you’ll also like yourself more for doing so.

5.) – Say “Let Me Help You”

What many think is that asking for help is a sign of weakness. So because of this, most will hesitate to ask.

But everyone at one time or another needs a bit of assistance at times.

If there is someone in need, and you could help them somehow, step in and help them.

However, avoid saying, “Is there anything I can help you with?” as what most will instinctively say is “No thanks.”

Instead, choose to be more specific.

Find something you can be helpful with by saying, “I have a few moments, can I help you finish this?”

Make your offer in a way that feels more collaborative and not patronizing or gratuitous.

Then actually be prepared to help.

6) – “Can You Show Me”

There’s a saying… “Advice is temporary but knowledge is forever.”

What somewhat knowing how to do something can help, but knowing precisely how to do something means everything.

When you ask someone to help you, to be shown or taught, then several things will happen.

What you’re doing is implicitly showing your respect to that person that you’re asking for help.

You’re showing respect, that you trust their experience, skill, or knowledge, while you assess the value of the advice given.

Never ask for their input, but instead ask to be trained, taught, or shown.

At Times Just Say Nothing

There are times that the best thing is to just say nothing.

This especially if you’re frustrated, upset or angry. Have the patience to let it go.

You might think that venting will make you feel better, but that’s rarely true.

Results will always come and go, but feelings lasts forever.

Once you criticize someone, especially in a group setting, it may appear they’ll get over it, but deep inside, the scar remains.

So before you speak, consider how they’ll think and feel before you evaluate whether your decision makes objective sense.

You can recover from a mistake that’s made because of inaccurate or faulty projections, but never from the damage you inflicted on someone’s self-esteem.

So make sure you remain quiet until you know exactly what you should be saying, and exactly what affect your words will have.

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