7 Good And Bad Reasons For Drinking Coffee On A Regular Basis

4. Bad – Can Cause Insomnia

The stimulant that is caffeine does is keeps you awake and alert, which also causes insomnia if you’re wanting to get to sleep. This can occur once consuming too much, or too late in the day. Consuming caffeinated beverages later in the afternoon, can affect your sleep at night. Having several cups of coffee in the morning is recommended, as it’s effects lasts around 6 hours.

What’s also known, is that caffeine affects everyone differently. So what’s recommended is to monitor how it affects your particular sleeping patterns, this to ensure that you get adequate uninterpreted sleep.

3. Good – Not Necessarily Dehydrating

The popular belief is that caffeine is dehydrating, which isn’t necessarily true. The reason it’s thought to be so, is because it’s a mild diuretic, which forces you to urinate more frequently. However, it’s found that just because you’re losing more body fluid, doesn’t mean that you’re dehydrating yourself.

Any liquid you drink such as water, will also go right through you. What a diuretic such as caffeine does, is just quickens the process a bit. Since it’s found that caffeine isn’t that dehydrating, doesn’t mean you should stop drinking water, and replacing it with coffee or tea. What most caffeinated beverages also contain are preservatives, and the reason why you should consume in moderation.

2. Good – Boosts Metabolism

What most aren’t aware of, is that caffeine can boost metabolism. It does so through a process known as thermogenesis, which is how the body generates heat and energy from digesting food. What it then does is helps the body burn more calories while resting. As a result, it’s a popular ingredient in a variety of over the counter weight loss products.

Experts claim that caffeine also suppresses appetite, so if you’re wanting to lose weight, what consuming caffeine does is reduces the urge of unnecessary snacking. For beverages however, caffeinated liquids often contain too much sugar, such as in soda and energy drinks, along with coffee which often contains cream and sugar. What becomes important if wanting to lose weight, is looking at the ingredients label.

1. Bad – Raises Blood Pressure

What caffeine is known to do is raise blood pressure, while researchers aren’t quite sure the reason why. What studies have found, is that what consuming caffeine does, is causes a dramatic yet short term spike in blood pressure, even for those who aren’t currently suffering from hypertension. One theory is that what caffeine does is blocks a hormone, which helps keeps the arteries widened.


Those who routinely drinks caffeine on a regular basis, also does is develops a tolerance to increasing their blood pressure. What’s found, is that those who are overweight and consumes caffeine, are certain to elevate it. For those who already have high blood pressure, it’s recommended to moderate their dosage, while routinely monitoring their blood pressure.