The 7 Top Common Myths When It Comes To Arthritic Pain

4 – Dairy Products Worsens Arthritis

There’s a myth that consuming too much milk and cheese, can worsen the pain that’s associated with arthritis. Clinical studies however, doesn’t support this claim. What testing shows, is that what drinking milk does, is actually strengthens the bones for those suffering from osteoarthritis.

What’s recommended, is regulating the intake of dairy for those suffering from arthritis. What’s known is that certain dairy products, are high in calories and fat, which can contribute to weight gain, which then potentially makes the pain of arthritis more prominent.

3 – Avoid Intense Physical Activity

What many believe, is that just doing moderate exercise, is what’s appropriate if they suffer from arthritis. What’s found however, is that the issue isn’t how intense the actual exercise is, but it’s rather how it impacts the body.

What this means is that those with arthritis, should avoid extreme high-impact activities, such as jogging, or playing hockey, tennis, or football, etc. There are also certain high-intensity exercises, which can potentially reduce arthritic pain, while keeping you in shape. These include walking, swimming, and rowing. Consult your doctor and physical trainer, to find what’s best and safest for your condition.

2 – Arthritic Pain Is Bad

Many will associate that any type of body pain is a bad thing. What this pain is actually doing, is signaling to the brain that a certain body part is in distress, that something is wrong, and that it’s time to pay attention to do something, anything, to make a change.

Feeling this pain is important, as what ignoring these messages can lead to, is more pain or injury. That’s why it’s important to attend to any type of body or muscle pain, especially chronic pain, and then make the necessary changes to your lifestyle to reduce it. Never think that just taking painkillers is the solution, as it’s just masking it. Instead, know which activities help or hinder.

1 – Avoid All Types Of Exercise

There’s no denying that every time you move, even just bending over or walking, can lead to is pain, which reminds you that you have arthritis. Those with arthritis however, shouldn’t take this pain, as a signal to avoid any and all types of exercise. Instead, it’s found that being active, can actually help in reducing the pain.


The key becomes to finding the proper exercises, by discussing it with your doctor or physical trainer, to develop a fitness program or a series of exercises, that can help reduce the pain. What they’ll recommend, are moderate exercise routines such as yoga, which improves flexibility and mobility.