9 Signs You Need More Omega-3 Fatty Acid In Your Body

6. Elevates A Low Immune

What low levels of omega-3 in the body is thought to contribute to, is weak immunity, which makes one more prone to the common cold or flu, along with infections and other health problems. What adequate amounts of these fatty acid does for certain, is boosts the immune system.

Know that fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K, need these fatty acids so they can be absorbed and stored by the body more efficiently. What healthy fatty acids provide are powerful anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory activities, potentially reducing incidences of autoimmunity, arthritis, and infection.

5. Lowers Inflammation and Joint Pain

What inadequate levels of omega-3 fatty acids can do is cause inflamed joints, which can potentially lead to rheumatoid arthritis. What these fatty acids contains are anti-inflammatory properties, which helps reduce the pain.

What it also does is helps ease joint tenderness while decreasing stiffness, which can lower the use of medication. What consuming these healthy fats are also thought to decrease, are the symptoms of morning joint stiffness, while helping increase blood flow to the joints during exercise.

4. Can Improve Vision

What’s known is that failing eyesight along with other eye issues, can be another sign of omega-3 fatty acid deficiency. What they contain are fat molecules, which plays a key role that keeps the eyes healthy. What it also does is drains out intraocular fluid from the eye, which decreases the risk of glaucoma and extreme eye pressure.

Studies show that those who regularly consume omega-3, has a 30% percent lower chance of developing macular degeneration. What omega-3 fatty acids also plays is a definitive role, when it comes to improving symptoms of dry eye syndrome.