9 Natural Mind Tricks To Improve Memory

6. Use Of Visualization

The things you like are always easier to remember. What you’ll never forget is the name of an attractive person, that you met months ago. What you can do is associate a certain word or text to a visual image, which will help you remember it better.

This is an effective technique that’s used with kids in elementary school, this for them to develop a better understanding or to just remember. This by associating words with pictures. This method is now also used by students, who are preparing for complex exams.

5. Reading Information Over And Over

The instance that you come across the first few lines of a certain passage, what your mind will automatically do is come up with the rest of the written words. What you didn’t need to do, is sit down and memorize it word for word.

There’s no need to learn it, because you’ve been reciting it on a daily basis so it’s etched in your mind, much like the words to a song or prayer. This is the easiest way to remembering and reciting something, as you’ve memorized it by heart.

4. Understanding And Relating

What’s known is that if you “tell” someone something, they’ll usually forget it immediately. If you “teach” someone while giving them the reasons behind it, they might understand it. But once you “involve” someone while teaching them, they’ll always learn and remember.

One of the best known ways to memorize and recall something, is by understanding it first, and then relating to it. If you cram for a test the night before, this for an exam the following day, you’re not going to remember much of it. To improve memory, you need to understand the reason behind it thoroughly.



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