9 Natural Mind Tricks To Improve Memory

3. Use Words That Rhyme

What we fondly remember from our childhood are nursery rhymes, and there’s a reason for that. The words are associated with one other. So if you need to remember something that’s complicated, the best way to memorize it is to turn it into a rhyme.

If there’s confusion or blockage, what the word rhymes with, can at times retrieve it. This technique is found to work the best for remembering figures, such as, “In 1942, what Columbus did was sailed the ocean blue.

2. Write Things Down And Rehearse It

What’s found extremely effective is manually writing things down, this to retain more information while learning it quicker and easier. Once you decide to dedicate yourself by rehearsing the information you need to remember several times a day, it will then become etched in your mind forever.

The key is to get in the practice of writing things down, such as a grocery list, things to do on vacation, or planning out next weeks menu. This then gives you no excuse to forget anything.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

The more the brain is utilized, the stronger it gets. As exercising is vital for a healthy body, practicing mind exercises is needed for a healthy brain. What the brain needs are nutrients to grow, this in the form of information and mental exercises, which stimulates the brain while developing it.

The more that you keep yourself active and thinking, such as constantly doing crossword puzzles or writing, the more efficient and calculated it becomes. So play mind improving games, which forces you to think.



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