9 Ways On How Human Life And Mankind Is Progressing Forward

6. Advancements In Technology

The personal computer, smartphones, and the Internet itself is proof enough that there can be and is incredible technological advancements that are possible, this in a relatively short time, this from even just two decades ago.

Although impossible to predict, although experts remain extremely intrigued, there is the potential of nanotechnology. The day may come where “nano,” can eventually provide all of the answers to our most serious medical conditions, or provide implants to replace organs and tissues in the human body.

5. Living With Robots

Whether we’ll ever encounter other lifeforms, this within or beyond the solar system remains unknown. What’s more of a reality of our time, is living and existing with and among intelligent robots, this in the near future. What’s commonly accepted, is that these robots will be more intelligent than us humans.

So as a result, the only way that we as a species can coexist with them, is by attempting to keep up with the pace of technology that we’re able to create. The paradigm will eventually shift, this to create such advanced intelligence.

4. Contact With Aliens

Since our planet earth has limited technology, because our natural resources are now becoming scarce or expired, what NASA has recently managed to do, is develop space shuttles, which are now capable of leaving our solar system, towards deep dark space.

It’s been said, that it’s extremely arrogant for us humans to think that we’re the only intelligent species that exists, this in the vast unexplored universe. We need to logically believe in the possibility, that life may exist on other planets. The paranoid and the skeptics however, want to see proof.