9 Ways On How Human Life And Mankind Is Progressing Forward

3. Exponential Population Growth

As the population of the Earth is growing, and is now beyond 7 billion inhabitants, the real concern of analysts and futurists, is that they claim mother earth, may no longer eventually be able to support this rapid growth of people on the planet.

That the natural resources which currently exists, such as fresh water and the clean food supply that we enjoy, may eventually become depleted. To solve this, there are numerous scientists who are now experimenting with creating engineered food, which may solve the worlds hunger problems.

2. Better Environmental Energy Solutions

We’re constantly being reminded on how we’re living beyond our means, this when it comes to our excess energy consumption, all which has a negative effect on the environment, as doing so may just possibly be the main contributor, to the extreme climate changes that we’re experiencing.

So there needs to be more effort, on identifying better more renewable less polluting energy sources, which can meet the needs of the entire population on the globe. For instance, what’s currently being explored, are finding better ways to harness solar and wind power, for free energy.

1.The Planets Imminent Destruction

From nuclear weapons being activated, to giant asteroids or meteors potentially hitting our precious little rock known as earth, our planet hasn’t been as vulnerable and exposed to face destruction, as we experience today, which can lead to our very demise.

While some choose to follow the pessimistic view, that everything is doom-and-gloom, that we’re headed towards doomsday, that the “clock” is now striking just a few minutes before midnight, that the earth’s destruction is inevitable, realize that we’re all in this together, so have hope.