9 Ways On How To Make Yourself More Likeable To Others

6. Increase Your Mindfulness And Awareness Levels

This may sound repetitive, as many will hear it over and over again, which is to be more aware of everything that’s happening around you. It’s one of the key proven stepping stones however, to becoming a more attractive likeable and popular person.

What you need to be is more aware, not just your immediate environment, but also on how you come across and react to the sudden situations and surroundings around you. Running around unfocused, being aloof and not being proactive, will just lead you towards frustration and rejection.

5. Become Inspired By Others Who Are Likeable

What’s known for certain is that some have the “it” factor, while others, the majority not so much. Make it a point to associate yourself with those who you want to be more like, this so you can mirror their mannerisms. Generate the same energy level that they have.

Emulate others who you respect. This doesn’t mean those who are physically attractive, as that’s impossible, but be more like those who has the same personal qualities that you want yourself, those who has that strong magnetic pull.

4. Always Consciously Know What’s Happening Around You

If you’re wanting to be more likeable to others, then know and react to what’s happening at the precise moment, this by responding to the events and surroundings around you right now. Never act like you’re living in the past, or thinking about what’s going to happen in the future.

Always make it a point to make yourself current, this so you can respond decisively and favorably to what’s trending around you. Never dwell on the past, on hope or the future, as the same opportunities that’s there right now, may not be available again, so seize the moment.



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