9 Ways On How To Make Yourself More Likeable To Others

3. Fill In The Gaps On What’s Missing In Your Life

Before you present yourself to the world, pinpoint and know exactly what all your personal deficiencies and limitations currently are. What are the areas in your life, the gaps that you need to work on right now. The holes that need to be filled to be a more complete person.

In order to feel better about yourself, to get yourself into your comfort zone, you need to solve your issues first. You need to resolve your personal and professional deficiencies and concerns the best you can. Then being more liked by others will come naturally.

2. Think Big Go Big

Project yourself as the real deal, a genuine go getter who knows what they want, and will do whatever it takes to get it. The “go big or go home,” the “fake it until you make it” mentality. This trait is extremely attractive, as what’s likeable in a person is someone who’s focused and self driven in their personal and career goals. They know what they want.

The wider that the gap is, this between who you are, and what you want in your life, and what or who you should be, the less attractive that you’ll appear to others. So work on everything that you need to improve on.

1. Show That You’re Well Adjusted

Constantly coming across as being too overly eager, anxious or annoying, this about all the mundane things in life, can be an instant turnoff. This because what no one wants to deal with is the unneeded drama, or someone who’s too full of themselves, or are insecure.

If you’re trying too hard to please others, what that does is raises a red flag, and the tendency for everyone is to just turn around and walk away, to avoid you at all costs. So first sort out what your personal issues are, know how you come across, and then you’ll become more attractive and likeable.



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