9 Ways To Infuse And Enhance Chocolate Into Your Cooking

3. Chocolate And Beer

There are now a variety of different craft beers, along with different tastes of chocolate. The intricacies of home brewing along with their precise intensity and flavor, requires an expertise which comes with experience. In other words, plenty of trial and error. Combining chocolate and beer can be an adventure that’s meant for those who are seasoned, but finding the right combination has proven to be divine.

2. Barbecue Using Cocoa

This can be your secret ingredient, which is adding cocoa, dry mustard, and the usual savory spices, this to make a dry seasoning rub, or adding it to your existing secret BBQ sauce. What adding cocoa does is provides that mystique secret flavor, which takes it over the top. This new combination can be used on fish, chicken, pork ribs, or beef ribs.

1. Chili Con Carne

Chili Con Carne is a crowd favorite, which is prepared with plenty of beef, beans, and chili seasoning. There has been experimentation on blending the perfect flavor, usually working on the principle of contrast, which is the theory that unique tastes come from the “agitation” of opposite flavors. As a result, some have used a couple cubes of bitter dark chocolate, this as a finisher for perfecting the ideal chili con carne. The amount of chocolate however needs to be the precise amount, this so its flavor can’t be detected.