A Cup Of Coffee or Two A Day – Keeps The Doctor Away – Some Samples Of Java

The famous favorite cuppa Joe, drinking the java juice, you finally have a legitimate excuse to consume as studies have found that coffee may protect you against heart disease, among other health maladies.

So Let’s Go Get A Cup Of Coffee!
If you survive solely on your daily early morning cup of java, or for some, several cups, you now have concrete evidence and a built in excuse, its good for you. Drinking coffee was once a daily ritual to shake and jolt the cobwebs out of your head giving you the right start to your morning. Now, there are health related benefits and proof that drinking the friendly joe, you may be doing the right thing as the latest tests show drinking coffee may offer some protection against heart disease. This according to the latest tests (done on a significant scale) of coffee’s long term health effects. This is excellent news for an estimated 67% of North Americans who drink coffee on a daily basis.

Researchers in the United States and Brazil examined data and results on over 80,000 women who agreed to participate in a ‘Health Study’ test on the long term effects of drinking coffee from 1981 to 2007. They also studied more than 45,000 men during the same time period. Both of the study groups tested were placed in different groups based on how many cups of coffee they drank on a daily basis.

The scientists found that the women who consumed more cups of coffee on a daily basis were a lot healthier and less likely to become ill during the 26 year span of the study.

The test results found that drinking 2 to 3 cups of your favorite java a day was directly associated with a 22 per cent reduction in all types if deaths from almost every cause. The main attribution was significant reduction in cases of fatal heart attacks and disease. The study for men, the results were similar.

So interpreting the results, the doctors who performed, examined and monitored the long term tests says that drinking coffee, is safe for most of the people drinking it, provided they metabolize it properly. “It is fine for most healthy people who drink it in moderation; moderation being limiting yourself to several cups… as in 2 to 3 cups a day.


The positive effects of drinking the java does not come directly from the caffeine, but from the ‘antioxidants’ resident in the coffee bean. Antioxidants in general are key nutrients, as they are also found in fruits and vegetables, tea, herbs, cocoa and yes, wine…. a subject for another article. All items which are known and proven to be good for the heart. So it is recommended that drinking coffee that is decaffeinated is a good way to cut out the caffeine but still obtain the required dose of antioxidants.

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