A Natural Solution And Relief To Chronic or Sudden Knee Pain

I like to run, jog, at least 5 times a week, regardless of the weather. Rain, snow, sleet or excruciating hot sun. Been doing so for decades now, and after you get the hang of it, it’s a great way to relieve stress and to relax.

But when jogging or even just walking, it’s our knees that take the blunt and burden of carrying our body’s weight, thus enabling us fluid natural movement. When they go stiff or get injured, the knees are then unable to perform this basic task. This obviously results in physical pain, as well as mental consequences.

Knee joints are designed to supply as much maximum flexibility, support, stability, and defense to the lower body as possible. Its role is extremely crucial in terms of natural painless forward movement.

The joints in the knee, known as the cartilage is made of 86% water, this water content drops slightly lower as we age, and is one of the few, if only tissues in our body which does not have any blood support.

There are two long bones that meet at the knee, they are the Femur from the thigh area, and the Tibia from below the knee. Although they’re structurally corresponding with each other, they need two cartilages on either side of the knee to fully coordinate. Other elements supporting the knee are the surrounding muscles, and the ligaments.

Knee pain should not only be related to old age or people with weak bones. Knee pain has a variety of reasons to hurt, but can be broken down into two main areas: mechanical damage and general disease, which are common to everyone, particularly athletes and those who are older.


Mechanical Damage To The Knee
• Posture – The entire body’s weight is designed to go through certain points at the knee. If that ‘certain point’ is disjointed to a new area, it becomes unsuitable for the knee to carry all that weight and this eventually leads to erosion of the bone and cartilage around the knee, and then results in pain. A curved foot or a flat foot can also easily lead to wrong body posture, resulting in pain as well.
• Over Weight – If the person is over weight, the extra weight will cause erosion as well as pain, not only in the knee area, but every body joint as well.
• Sports Injuries – Sports or physical activities such as: jogging, skiing, ball games etc., are the major cause of a lot of knee injuries as a result of a sudden direct hit or twist.

General Disease Or Illnesses
• Inflammation of the Knee Joints – Chronic states of inflammation in the knee which affects the entire body and the knees.
• Cartilage Joint Degeneration – This is caused by erosion of the cartilage surrounding the knee. It’s quite common for elderly people over 70 years old. As we grow older, the percentage of water in the knee decreases and leads to cartilage problems.
• Other Problems – Diabetes mellitus, Gout and an unbalanced release of the growth hormone.

There are now a lot of treatments for the injuries, as well as pain associated with the knee. From direct physical rehabilitation, to a traumatic injury which may require emergency surgery. The pain which results from a chronic state of inflammation in the knee can be usually treated with anti-inflammatory medicine. Some extreme case may even require joint replacement.

The best approach is to correct the structural irregularities of the damaged knee, or in the joints and the muscles which causes the pain. Then the support systems, such as the surrounding areas, for the best long term results. Mainly, strengthen the supporting muscles around the knee as much as possible, and supply a better blood flow to these muscles in the hurt tissue.

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