A Review Of Twitter.com – When Instant Messaging Is Combined With Social Networking

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Here is a video explanation about all that is Twitter. As a blogger, you’ve already probably heard of Twitter, but you don’t really understand what it is or how to apply it. Twitter is is quickly becoming one of the most popular as well as the simplest, of these so called new microblogging tools for instant communication. Think Twitter as a combination of generic good old instant messaging and then combine it with social networking aspects. To use twitter, you create a free account and verify your email, and then you can write and publish short 140 character blurbs telling the world or who ever cares to Twitter with you, what you are doing at the moment.

Are There Any Business And Internet Marketing Uses For Twitter?
> You can read about and follow your favorite IM guru marketer (provided they Twit or Tweet) while causing no harm or real danger to them as they will Twitter about what they want you to read.
> You can agree to be followed and read by your friends and business associates. It is up to you to dictate how much information they have to read when you publish your activities. This way you stay in touch with people who are important to you without giving out your email address or othr personal information.
> You can get breaking news instantly – Read or reporting news stories as it happens can be broadcasted instantly on Twitter, this is quicker than any other type of news publishing.
> You can be one of the first commenter’s on your favorite blogs – There are several prominent bloggers who Twitter their blog postings.
> You can Twitter your latest or your most relevant blog posts. Twitters generally all love to actively comment on almost anything.
> Get active and correspond, get real “peer to peer” human advice by Twittering a question and get instant honest answers and suggestions.

If you decide to join the Twitter community, do not hesitate to add me as a Twit friend. To get a complete detailed overview of Twitter, you can also read Robin Good’s article on using Twitter as a business application.

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