A Review On Niche Laboratories “PLR Sting” By Lisa Ann Ginger

If you have at one time or another purchased Private Label Rights (PLR) articles, PLR reports or PLR ebooks to use on your site, here is a free eye-opening PDF report called “PLR Sting” that I just came across regarding the do’s and don’ts about using PLR information.

This short intensive report which is around 20 pages in length, contains information that could possibly just as well turn the PLR industry completely up-side-down.

It contains in an easy to read format some real juicy secrets on the truth regarding duplicate content and how the search engines such as Google view this controversial and often misunderstood subject.

Anyone who is building websites online using PLR can benefit from this report.

You can download it right now directly from this webpage:

FR.EE Private Label Rights Report – Don’t Get Stung

(Just right-click on the link above and choose “Save Target As.”)


There’s no opt-in to collect your email address. Just click on the link below, save and start reading it:

This eye-opening report called “PLR Sting” goes on to reveal several unknown myths regarding how to properly use duplicate content material and how to properly build in demand niche websites for profit using PLR material properly.

The report exposes current PLR information about.

-> Using PLR Articles properly and it’s Search Engine Optimization Connection.

-> The two types of duplicate content that you must aware of (and why and where they wind up in Google’s search results).

-> Simple but effective niche web site building strategies to keep you in Google’s good graces.

-> The incredible value of using and finding unique niche keywords in 2007 and beyond.

-> Access to a “Free Membership Site” disclosing short-cuts on how you can get higher search engine rankings. The “PLR Sting” membership also includes must-have, up to date information about the different types of Private Label Rights as well as creating quality web sites designed to getting traffic from search engines and social media.

I truly believe you will benefit from reading this free report. Just go to the following link to download it…

FR.EE Private Label Rights Report – Don’t Get Stung
(Just right-click on the link above and choose “Save Target As.”)


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