A Review On Transformers The Movie – Includes Preview Trailer

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Transformer the movie, is one of the most hyped about big release flicks this summer. Does it justify itself? Yes, it does. Transformers does deliver, it is an intense action, whammy-bammy-thank you mammy action flick that kicks off and redeems what seems like a poor summer blockbuster season.

The movie is based on.. well, a toy. Transformers blends together a fun movie with comedic parts and quality CGI robotic action with a bit of romance including attractive male and female leads. The film is all for amusement only..duh. It is filmed with almost over the top outstanding special effects which is a must see on a full movie screen to catch all the sounds and effects. So don’t wait for the DVD. The storyline is about robots fighting it out with each other for the future of mankind. A battle between the robotics of Autobots vrs its foe the Decepticons.

The Review
This rapid paced action flick is so fast that if you blink, you may miss out on an important action sequence. You wish you could transform you cellphone into a remote control device so you can rewind or slow down the continuous battles and robot transformations to watch it again. There’s a lot of action going on to the point where Micheal Bay (The Director) doesn’t allow you to think or anticipate what’s going to happen next. The designers of the robots are so advanced that the huge robots even have their own distinct personalities to make them seem almost human. They are the stars of the show.

Transformers is the ultimate action film, but it’s also carries an unexpected and touching storyline as well. The two sides of the battle is clearly distinct and the ongoing conflict between the Autobots versus the Decepticons will leave you cheering for more.


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