A Trading Strategy That Can Consistently Beats All Major Indexes

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So in these so called troubling financial times, are you still looking for ways to outperform the markets and thus optimize your profits and pad your retirement? Of course you are. But you are not quite sure on say… trying to pick the right stocks or mutual funds? Has investing for you recently become a headache? Do you buy in the so called “HOT” stocks from tip by a friend, right after they have made their big move? How would you like to learn how you can increase your stock trading portfolio by up to 400% in 7 years or less? Want to discover how to outperformed the market by a staggering margin of 5 to 1?

So You Can’t Stand Doing Market Research?
Are you always in the hunt to find a workable investment strategy that actually makes sense? An investment strategy which doesn’t require in depth knowledge of the intricacies of the market, or predicting market trends or following specific stocks. You also don’t like the apparent runaround or finding or getting the ‘inside information’ of which stocks are ‘hot’, before the rest of the market?

So, if you don’t have the time to commit yourself to this type of in-depth research, you hold down a regular job and have a family you need to devote your time to. This system does not require you to become a day trader, nor spend your free available time scouring the internet doing market research. Constantly following and tracking the stock market and getting stock quotes is not how you need to spend your time.

Avoid Individual Stocks Altogether . . . They Are Absolutely Unreliable!
When it comes to stocks, everyone wants to buy low and sell high. While there are millions of investors and traders who do make money this way, (as well as millions who lose money), there is an easier more effective way to use the stock market to your advantage. The first rule is, don’t trade stocks, individual stocks that is. By no doing so, you can consistently beat the market . . . month after month.

If Not Individual Stocks.. Then What’s The Alternative?
There were a lot of traders who got involved in the stock market during the mid to late Nineties. The tech based stocks were going through the roof and everyone wanted in on the action. It seemed like a way to make easy money, and for a while, everyone was getting rich. There was no specific trading strategy or special investment skill to beat the market back then.

During this period of time, most learned about the financial markets while still holding on to their day jobs. You just studied the next best up and coming tech stock, the IPOs as well as the pre-IPO offerings. All was well, but going back to NOT investing in individual stocks, most have discovered that options trading was a better investment strategy (Particularly The Yager Trading Strategy). This system can work in any kind of market . . . Whether it be Bull, Bear or even stagnant.

Well, That’s Right…OPTION’s Trading!
And this is not referring to stock options or writing covered calls. Actual options trading on the Indexes, such as the S&P, Nasdaq Dow Jones etc. When using the different methods and trading strategies available, you can do well with limited time.


After the post boom tech stock era, the market fluctuations as well as volatility have diminished greatly since, thus reducing the premiums to buy or sell options. Unfortunately those types of great returns are no longer available, but the same option trading strategy is still very usable. It still consistently beats the market. Even during the years when the: Nasdaq (QQQ), DJIA, and S&P were all down.

Learn more about the option trading strategy and see how you can make money with this strategy. The information is free at Yager Investing. There is no subscription required. Keep in mind that all investing should be risk capital only.

Here’s an example of how The Yager Trading Strategy, has recently performed:

DJIA – 20.3%
NASDAQ – 14.7%
S & P 500 – 17.3%
Yager Trading Strategy – 32.2%

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