A Video And Review On How To Make Money Using Google Analytics

Checking your site statistics is an important process in analyzing website performance for maximizing your marketing efforts. You need to know and detect who is visiting your site and which: links, pages, keywords etc. your visitors are using and clicking on. Effective website traffic tracking is an essential and required marketing tool for your SEO efforts. Using Google Analytics, you can receive a very good suite of analysis and statistical tools, all for free.

Once you register your websites, log in to your account anytime you want and instantly see vital statistics of all your website pages. You can see how many visitors your site is getting, entry and exit pages and the most popular exit links.

Some Google Analytics Features…

* You can see specific detailed regions from around the world where traffic to your website is coming from

* You can get stats for each page of your website, including the length of time spent on each page

* Google Analytics gives you the ability to find out the most popular referral sites where the visitors came from, allowing you to maximize your advertising

* Find out which backlinks are the most successful in directing traffic to your site


* Find out which keywords are sending you the most traffic

Google Analytics pretty much combines everything you need to analyze the marketing strategy of your site. There are other services out there that offer similar services, but Google Analytics is the most complete package that is offered for free. You can check it out at: www.google.com/analytics.

VideoJug: Making Money With Google Analytics

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