AdBrite Can Instantly Pinpoint And Target Your Product Offer To The Masses

Advertising on AdBrite can instantly convert your products popularity and skyrocket your ROI by selling targeted clicks to real genuine live traffic, all looking to find your specific offer. If you are new to media ad networks, by using CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions), or CPC (Cost Per Click) correctly, you can realize immediate instant profit for your efforts. You will soon realize why using organic SEO marketing to drive paying customers to your website is a thing of the past.

AdBrite’s ad network format is unique as well as affordable. The starting bid is usually around a penny per visitor impression.

15 Steps To Successfully Market Your Product Using Adbrite
– Choose The Type of Ad: You can select either, text ads, banner ads, or full page PPV ads, either on a CPC or CPM basis.

– Geo Locate Traffic: Offering your product or CPA offer worldwide is not always the solution and just doesn’t work. Place your ads where your customers are. You can situate your ads precisely where your customers are looking for your product.

– Gender Selection: One great targeting feature is gender selection. If your offer happens to sell equally to both sexes, then great. If not, don’t offer your product to the wrong gender, they don’t care and won’t click.

– Age Targeting: Don’t try to sell toys made for babies to a teenager. With Adbrite, you can precisely target your age group demographics. A 27 year old gamer dude would not be interested in your offer on baby bottles. So select the age group that your product would most identify to.


– Income Bracket: If you happen to sell a very high end product, there is no point showing your ad to below average household incomes. You can pick the exact income demographic who can afford to buy your product.

– Ethnic Profiles: There is no point trying to sell blonde wigs to African Americans, or sun tan lotion to Swedes, otherwise no click for you. You can pinpoint your product to the exact ethnic group using Adbrite.

– Site/Niche Selection: You can choose to display your Ad on each and every one of AdBrite’s 80,000+ publisher sites, or you can just select the sites that are in the same niche as you and sells similar products.

– Keyword Optimization: The majority of PPC sites use specific ‘keywords’ to place your ads on certain sites. With Adbrite, you can choose placing your ads on sites that fit your concept or just on optimized sites.

– Strike While The Iron Is Hot: When starting your ad campaign, make sure that the CPA product is a ‘HOT” topic and in demand. Do research to find out what is popular.

– Finding Advertising Deals: At times, Adbrite will periodically offer deals and advertising breaks for advertisers. Always check out the ‘Deals’ page to see if you can get a discount for your ad.

– Think Outside The Box: Yes. cliche-ish but for a reason. Instead of say targeting your audience by using keywords or a specific age demographic, look instead for sites your specific demographic may frequent the most, but may altogether be unrelated to your product. You may just find a new cache of traffic just waiting to be tapped.

– Test, Test And Then Re-Test: Always continuously test a variety of CPA offers, ads and landing pages taking advantage of the low CPC rates.

– Use All The Categories: Make sure you use and mix all the various AdBrite categories available such as: age, sex, ethnic demographics that pertains to your product. This will identify the target market for your ad campaign so your ad isn’t in the wrong spot.

– Look At Every Site: make sure you buy your ads on both the high traffic sites as well as the low traffic sites that Adbrite offers. At times, these smaller sites are just getting going and you can grow with it. Make sure you use CPC on high traffic sites and CPM on low traffic sites.


– Use The Conversion Tracking Pixel: Whether you are running an ad or network campaign, make sure you use Adbrite’s ‘conversion tracking pixel’, to find out which campaigns are being clicked on and where.

If used properly and precisely, with Adbrite, you can find real genuine, real converting traffic that is focused. AdBrite effectively acts as a broker bringing together both publishers and advertisers. Buying quality text links or banner ads is one of the most effective ways of bringing in quality traffic to your offer.

So if you’re looking for inexpensive focused traffic to increase your ROI, then AdBrite is your your answer.

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