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If you operate any type of business, whether online or offline, you know accepting credit cards for your business is crucial. You also know the paramount importance that the credit card service provider has to be efficient, flexible and process transactions safely and accurately. Advantage Processors is a merchant service provider who offers credit card processing for both online and offline merchants who pose either a high or low risk.

Advantage Processors provides merchants with systematic and efficient processing of all major credit cards including (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), as well as providing shopping cart links and virtual terminals.

Advantage Processors accepts “low risk” merchants such as offline “brick and mortar” establishments including: hotels and motels, home based business, retail stores (a real person using credit card swipes). Advantage Processors also provides “high risk credit card processing” services as well. What is a high risk merchant? High-risk merchant accounts are declared “high-risk” by Visa and MasterCard based on the following criteria:, merchants who have a high turnover rate, merchants who potentially pose a risk of fraud or products with high chargebacks/refunds.

Characteristically, it’s difficult for a high risk business to obtain a merchant account. Examples of high risk merchant accounts can include: pharmaceuticals, travel industries, online dating sites, gaming sites etc. Some of these are obviously considered more high risk than others. Are you a High Risk Merchant Account?

Having a reliable merchant account to accept credit cards is vital, whether you operate an online or offline traditional retail store. Advantage Processors is a reliable and affordable merchant solutions provider you can bank on.

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