All About The Chinese Diet Teas: How Safe Are They A Word Of Warning?

Chinese diet teas for a while now have been considered a great source for dieters looking to lose weight. In fact, there a now a lot of companies that are manufacturing and distributing tea as “Chinese diet tea”, for anyone who is wishing to lose weight naturally. The main reason for this claim is that Chinese diet tea in particular, has only 4 calories per serving, but the caffeine in the diet tea is potent enough to increase bodily functions to help burn a lot of calories. It’s also believed that the polyphenols agents in the diet tea helps in the digesting of fat, thus making Chinese diet tea a diet.

So Chinese diet tea, also known as: slimming tea, fasting tea, super dieter tea or weight loss tea, comes in different names, but all does the same basic function – drink this tea and you will lose weight. However, many diet experts note that what you’re actually drinking is a plant that’s based on a laxative that can actually cause certain disorders such as: nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, cramps or even fainting, if consumed in excessive amounts.

The (FDA) Food and Drug Administration has stressed that certain laxative teas, that contain one or more of the following ingredients: senna, aloe, rhubarb root, castor oil, buckthorn, and cascara, all products derived from plants, have been used to relieve constipation or promoting bowel movement. They are all deemed effective with controlled occasional use.

The problem occurs when these “Chinese diet teas” state that frequent bowel movement is used to prevent the absorption of calories, which is not healthy. There has been studies showing that laxative-induced diarrhea doesn’t reduce absorption of calories because laxatives do not work in the small intestine, where calories are absorbed. It works on the colon, situated in the lower end of the bowel. Another misconception regarding Chinese diet tea is that steeping the tea longer than recommended, can help lose weight faster, wrong, it just makes it more potent.

For those first-time users of Chinese diet tea, who drink more than what’s recommended, symptoms such as vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea and nausea are the common disorders, and can last for several days. When these laxatives are used continually, dependency causes bouts of abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea, and constipation. In more severe cases, chronic use can cause fainting, severe dehydration and electrolyte disorders.

Because of these concerns regarding “Chinese Diet Tea”, not to be confused with regular Chinese Green Tea diets, the FDA is now considering the manufacturers of “Chinese diet teas” to place a warning label on all of their products stimulant laxatives. It’s also important those who are drinking Chinese diet teas for diet purposes must read the recommended directions carefully. The words indicating ‘Warning” must be given strict attention.


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