Allow A Contemporary Howard Miller Clock To Characterize Your Home

Nothing exemplifies the movement of time in your home than time itself. Exquisite classic furniture appoints the character and warmth of your home and nothing stands out more than a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock. Grandfather clocks stand proud and tall and can appoint any room in your home while accurately ticking away.. well time itself.

Our six month old daughter, Isabella who at the best of times has always been a bit of a fussy sleeper, fell in love with the constant soothing ticking and pendulum swing of my favorite aunts grandfather clock, every time we visited here in New Connecticut. She owned a grand old Howard Miller Grandfather Clock which was passed along to her from her mother. The dependable ‘tick-tock’ of the grandfather clock never failed to quickly and quietly put her to sleep. Whenever she had difficulty sleeping and became temperamental, we would place her crib next to the Howard Miller Grandfather clock and like… well clockwork, she would fall into a deep peaceful sleep.

So we were so impressed by our new found baby soother, we decided to buy a Howard Miller Grandfather floor clock of our own. As our home was recently built and the furniture appointments were modern, we saw and fell in love with this Howard Miller Cosmopolitan Grandfather Clock:

This beautiful stylish grandfather clock housed with old world charm, yet built with modern styling was our unanimous choice. This solid clock, finished in fine Merlot Cherry, is a sleek, rounded elegant floor clock which obviously had its inspiration passed on by fine contemporary European designers.

The housing is framed with brushed nickel moldings lacing the top and the bottom of the time piece. The exterior case is surrounded and wraps completely around the full length of the glass door. The dial on the clock face features modernized black contemporary numerals, sweeping hour and minute hands, and a brushed-metal bezel.

A glass panel on the top of the clock case allows light to enter the clock which naturally illuminates the interior housing. The cable-driven pendulum movement plays a traditional Westminster chime. This fabulous Howard Miller Cosmopolitan Grandfather Clock sits proudly in our family room and possesses the same magic, the grandfather clock my aunt owned.


Because these old traditional Howard Miller clocks are build with comtempory styling, they can fit into any room.. These Clocks are No Longer Your Parents or Grandparents Grandfather Clocks.

The Grandfather Floor Clocks From Howard Miller
A contemporary Howard Miller Grandfather clock can elegantly be placed to stand proudly inside your foyer, making it the first item for your house guest to see as they enter your home. The standing floor clock can also sit peacefully in a corner of your living room or family den or study.

Whether you choose an old traditional Victorian piece, a Mediterranean or even an Oriental stylized Howard Miller grandfather clock, it is sure to blend in and accent with the theme of your home.

A contemporary Howard Miller grandfather clock enhances and complements your current living space when it sits quietly without distraction. A grandfather clock is a sophisticated elegant timepiece that complements any home.

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