Apple Rumored To Release iPhone 1.1.3 Upgrade In December

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Apple, who of course are the creators of the iPhone may be coming out with a significant update to their successful mobile device, a lot sooner than later. An Apple iPhone 1.1.3 update may happen as soon as the weekend of December 8th, 2007. They will comply with some heavily demanded requests and features. All this however, is still at the speculative stage, as reported by CNET France.

CNET France points to several legitimate reports and sources that an Apple iPhone 1.1.3 upgrade will appear on or around Saturday, Dec 8. The new features to the popular iphone will include: A disk mode feature capable of storing general data, as well as a voice recording feature designed for capturing direct voice memos or lectures and speeches.

The disk mode feature will behave like the ever so popular Apple iPods, however, it will still block owners of the device from simply dragging and/or dropping content to load the iphone with downloadable, playable music, according to CNET. Apple enabling disk mode for the owner, will and should still allow the user who are knowledgeable to be able to browse the content of the phone. This is however not expected to be of any benefit to the underground iPhone hacking community, which already has gained access to the iphone’s software.

While still unverified, the release of the Apple iPhone v1.1.3 would come approximately a month after the Apple iPhone 1.1.2 update, which added international keyboard support as well as a few other minor upgrades to the iPhone, for its European launch in the UK and Germany. The expected 1.1.3 release would be partly consistent with Apple’s past behavior, they previously released the iPhone 1.1.2 update towards the end of the week.

The update is also likely to break existing modifications to the devices firmware, that currently allows the iPhone to run third-party code and the ability for ‘third party hackers’, to unlock the device to use wireless carriers other than those currently approved by Apple.


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