Article Marketing Can Give You The Best Bang For Your Buck

Article marketing is used as a means of generating back-links and free focused traffic to your websites. For this reason, there are a lot of Internet marketers who do this for that reason alone. There are however additional ways you can make a lot more money from article marketing.

Here are a just few ideas for generating that income from article marketing that can pay well.

If you or your staff or by outsourcing out, can write say 10 short articles a day, you will be able to create a nice income doing so. The trick that many are finding difficult, is that article marketing requires you to be consistent in both quantity and the quality, to get that targeted traffic flowing.

The most important idea of article marketing is how well it converts traffic. People who try and then eventually give up usually will stop before reaching critical mass, as they get hung up on quantity rather than the actual quality of the articles.

Trying different ways to convert traffic (An Experiment)
Set up 3 auto responder with opt-in forms as well as 3 identical squeeze pages. Then use Pay Per Click (such as Adwords) and advertise one of the squeeze pages. Then use banner marketing and text advertising that points to the same auto-responder and squeeze page.

Doing this allows you to track the conversions. You will be looking at 3 distinct results. Keep track of the growth of the prospects to your mailing lists, the sales conversions, as well as how fast your prospects sign up on each method.


Make sure they all get the same content, email them the exact same offers or promotions. The only difference on this test is the method of marketing. Give yourself at least three months to evaluate this testing.

What you will find is that although the PPC ads will bring in more targeted prospects, they also depend on the amount of money you are willing to spend for the targeted ads. Banner ads or text ads are better in that they are not not dependent on clicks or cost per impressions. But the quality of prospects who sign up are not that great.

Go Article Marketing
Article marketing is a little different. It’s all in the delivery of the articles and how often you submit them. You can gauge the level of new prospects by how frequent you distribute the articles. As new batches of unique content articles are indexed by the search engines, the opt-in box should experiences a rise in subscriptions.

The biggest difference you will notice is the amount of subscribers who decide to unsubscribe using the 3 internet marketing advertising methods, as compared to the article marketing method. The people who subscribed via the paid advertising will have a greater rate of unsubscribers. The people who came in from the article marketing generally will stay longer and will also converted better.

Of the three paid marketing systems, PPC should be the easiest method for attracting targeted traffic, but unfortunately, its also the most expensive. Also the niche headings and proper keyword research that’s needed to generate a profit requires constant monitoring. The other advertising methods (banners and text) produced average mixed results, and were not as predictable. The cost however is much lower than PPC.

Properly marketing articles can be classified in a different category due to the different results it brings. It’s a lot harder to maintain and requires more discipline and endurance. The payoff however can be huge.

Another way to make money through article marketing
If you are able to ghost write for other marketers or develop a group of ghost writers, then you can make a bit of money. The payment for writing individual articles is small, but you can make it up in volume.

If you or your team get good at it, you can start with a small series of articles that can eventually lead to an ebook. The ebook can then be sold thought article marketing. You then repeat the process again and again.

You can eventually create your own article marketing service or company and sell your services to webmasters and small businesses as part of a SEO package. The package can include, writing Internet ads, Pay Per Click and article marketing submission for a monthly fee.


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