Ashley Madison Affairs Offers Infidelity Discovered? 10 Ways To Calm Down Your Feelings

7274-247192-300x250What To Do After Or During That Extramarital Affair

Ashley is always in the media. There is increased interest in following the extensive media spots. You will be able to see AshleyMadison Agency on the following networks:

Nightline – will be featured on Nightline, on the third week of May. A huge event.

Miami Herald – The Miami Herald in Florida is featuring a large article piece on Infidelity, with AshleyMadison as the center piece

Daily Commuter Papers
AshleyMadison is doing a large media blitz on the daily commuter papers in the larger markets in the United States.

So you tried out Ashley Madison, you found your affair mate and finally started that affair, the first few hours, the first few days and then weeks can be emotionally wrenching. Or, if you know someone that you deeply care about begins to “pull away”, you may also experience those same intense feelings. Here is a list so you can pick and choose out a couple of things that you can do to help yourself when caught during these naughty times.

1. Go For A Run Or Long Walk.
If you feel you are fit enough try a: run, walk, or go for a work out. Get your blood flowing. Physical exertion while exercising can drain off adrenaline and physically make you feel better. You also think and feel better of yourself, because you are caring about who you are or what you did.


2. Talk To Someone.
You can typically work out problems by talking them out with someone you can trust. Find that someone who’ll listen to you, as you pour out your heart. Give them explicit details and then instructions: “I need to talk to you, maybe vent, definitely cry, show rage, and then question myself. Please look me in the eye, just nod your head and listen to me.”

3. Write Things Down.
Get a timer. Set it for 10 minutes. Spend that time just writing… write anything, everything that just comes to your mind. Don’t censor anything out. When the timer bell goes off, then say to yourself, “OK, there it is. Now I vented, time to move on to other things. I’ll come back later to finish this or write more.” Put that piece of writing somewhere safe or just destroy it.

4. Find A Safe Place To Hide And Spend Time There.
Do you have a favorite cafe, or a lake, a secluded wooded area, a favorite park, a room somewhere, or a comfy chair where you cam feel safe and can mentally “get away.” Intentionally spend some valuable quiet time there.

5. Use Helpful “Self Talk.”
Just tell yourself, “You are okay. Yes, you will be okay. This feeling too shall pass. What you’re feeling is normal and it won’t destroy you.” Develop that “personal observing part”, that can speak to your angst and turmoil.

6. Pray or Meditate.
Use your past spiritual resources, if you’ve ever had them. If not, it then may be a good time to develop something. Spirituality and faith will often affirms your self worth and will enable you to see the larger picture.

7. Be Aware Of Yourself.

Notice what you’re thinking of right now, how your feeling and what exactly you are doing. Pay special close attention to these chunks of your time and life. Just noticing these times often creates distance from any emotional pain.

8. Encourage Your Feelings.
Your erratic feelings will always come and go, often in waves. There will always be lulls and valleys and sometimes they’ll crash. Notice the intensity as well as frequencies of the waves.

9. Get Some Professional Help.
Eventually supportive professional therapy may be helpful. Personal coaching, even by telephone, is a helpful trend that’s becoming increasingly popular, and as a way in finding support and direction for a specific problem.

10. Gather All Your Resources.
Start reading a lot, explore the internet and talk to people about your situation. You are not alone. Many others have walked the same path (well, not exactly your same path, but close) and are there to offer support and understanding, as well as point out the bends and turns of the road.


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