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Psst… Hey you…Join Ashley Madison today and have an affair. Yes, you, it’s okay, go ahead, life is short, remember? Go have some fun, you deserve it, its discreet and no one has to know. Well, its no surprise at all is it? is a site that caters privately for cheating spouses. You register for free and then you advertise your ‘availability’ to other fellow cheaters. claims to have over a million members and counting. The site, available since 2002, says membership is presently around 7.5 men to every 2.5 women. You sign up for free, put up your personal profile, obviously under an assumed name, and wait for results. So why are you so surprised? Is it because this type of site exists or because it has so many members? Marketers have always said, find a need and fill it…

The idea of an online site where cheaters meet is nothing new. For as long as the internet has existed, there’s been discreet chat forums and message boards on Yahoo, offering topics such as, ‘Married But Flirting.’ Many have used and join the numerous mainstream dating sites such as ‘’ or ‘Yahoo Personals,’ as a way of meeting singles, but why not cut to the chase? Those supposed singles on more occasion than once, you can probably suspect that some of those so-called ‘singles’ were probably married. Noooo! This is because of the ease to join and posting a profile under an alias name, and you know that a lot are doing so. It’s tempting as it is easy to just round up some false data, an alluring picture, just to test the waters. In a world where you can hide behind your keyboard, you know there are men and women who has slightly altered their (a) age and weight, (c) photo (probably taken years ago), or (d) marital status.

Ashley Madison Have An Affair
But AshleyMadison provides the nasty and cuts through all the unwanted bull. It’s either you do or you don’t. In some minds, they are thinking, why not toss your line into the waters and see what bites. Talk about the nerve. The hook bites at the other end, and you begin an undisclosed online relationship. Perhaps a recipe for disaster with unknown consequences, but what the hell, Just do it, did I mention Life Is Short?

For those who have been deceptive in the past, you can now come out of the dark and just use’s site. At least, once you join you know you are a cheater and so are they. It’s sort of like lying, but being honest about it. Everyone therefore is on the same page, the same dastardly cheating level. You go on Ashley Madison knowing you are on the same low standards as well as values as everyone else there. On Ashley Madison, you can expect everyone to slightly alter their vital statistics, use a bit of photoshop to doctor their pics, maybe lose a few pounds, a few wrinkles, and that gray in the hair. It’s an amazing transformation.

But the catch is… What happens if you do connect with someone, what then? You will begin those secretive e-mail messages back and forth, at 2AM in the morning, or discreetly from your office, so you won’t arouse suspicion. You may even decide to make several phone calls, telling them its wrong, but secretly hoping for a physical rendezvous no one needs to know about. Remember, you are both married, have spouse who have their own brains and they don’t need to know. The fact that you went to this site for a bit of escape, doesn’t mean you don’t respect them any less. If they do happen to catch you, you have already probably committed to getting out anyways, right? right? After all, you made up your mind to cheat long ago.

If you have decided to go to, and stay there, a site designed for cheaters, you chat online in the various flirting chat rooms, and it doesn’t concern you one bit, then you have already decided to sin. After all, what happily married spouse would do these type of things? If this happened years ago, say before the Internet ever existed, the same type of behavior would happen in a smoky bar, the type where you remove your wedding band before entering. It’s now been made a lot easier and a heck of a lot more anonymous, courtesy of As if cheating wasn’t rampant or didn’t exist in the past.


Okay, here are some final statistics to absorb. Doing a quick Google search, if you type in “cheating partners”, there are over -2,000,000+ results, “adultery” had 4,000,000+ results. But the better news is that… ‘good marriages’ had over 8,000,000+ results. So there is still hope for some of you out there. So I tried to discourage you as much as possible.. but you are going to join anyways… so here’s the link…

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