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About Hey! Nielsen
Hey! Nielsen allows and encourages you to make your voice and opinion be heard. But they are so much more than just your typical social networking site. The site allows you to potentially make a direct impact and influence the very TV programs, movies or the music you listen to or watch, all this while making a name for yourself. Hey! Nielsen is an “it’s all about you” type of site. Hey! Nielsen which was created by it’s parent company, the famous and influential ‘The Nielsen Company’ is tailored and based strictly on your input and opinion.

So You’re Wondering, What’s In It For Me?
You are avid, knowledgeable, passionate and opinionated about the TV programs and the movies you watch, the music you listen to, the sites that you surf on the internet and you are also familiar and up to date with the various personalities who drive the various media outlets. So here is your opportunity and chance to allow your voice be heard out loud, your personality and face to been seen, and your opinion to influence what and how others may think. You, along with the power behind the Nielsen Media Group, means that your voice may reach the masses via the web, and your opinion may even ultimately reach and be heard by the ‘media moguls’ who decide what gets aired or published. As your postings generate popularity, there is then a chance your stated opinions may be recognized and that means you may get invited to Hey! Nielsen’s exclusive events and sneak preview showings.

Participating with Hey! Nielsen only requires no more than your strong opinion and an email address to get started. Hey! Nielsen is juiced and runs strictly on your energy and enthusiasm. So get on board if you: watch movies and/or television, listen to music, surf the internet, follow celebrities/personalities, and keep a tab on current trends. Hey! Nielsen wants you.

So, How Does This ‘Hey Nielsen’ Deal Work?
Hey! Nielsen generates a ‘Hey! Nielsen” score from previous opinions, which gauges a specific topic’s impact, it’s influence, and it’s value. As users continue to submit feedback, a score for that topic is created from a variety of factors such as user opinion and response, news coverage and blog buzz, combined with raw data from sites like, and

Hey! Nielsen is a creation by the best minds at The Nielsen Company as well as collaboration with its various divisions such as: Entertainment, Business Media, Media Research and Online.

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