Basic Steps That You Can Take To Avoid Diabetes

Before any panic sets in, for those who are or may be prone to diabetes, should completely familiarize themselves with the disease. This is to set up precautionary measures or any negative thoughts that you may have. Having knowledge about diabetes and its causes cannot only help, but can also provide you with the options that you can take.

If you think that you or your family have a chance of getting diabetes, it’s best to know exactly what it is, the types, what the symptoms are, how it can be diagnosed, and the various treatments that are available. This can help you cope better with the disease, as well as helping you effectively manage or even avoid it.

Can Diabetes Be Avoided Altogether
Diabetes is unfortunately a chronic disease, which tends to get more complicated as well as getting more severe as time goes by. This is why it’s important, especially if you are prone to the illness, to try to avoid it if at possible.

Just like in any other disease, medical condition or illness, attempting to steer away from diabetes begins with developing healthy habits. Experts in this field claim that those who practice healthy living habits, have a lower risk of getting the disease, even if they are susceptible to it. All that’s required is that they make a few, yet critical changes in their lifestyle including:

1. A Proper Diet. As the famous saying goes, “You are what you eat”. If you eat healthy food on a regular basis, along with having well balanced nutritious meals, then that’s the first step and puts you way ahead of those who don’t. The experts constantly advise that if you are prone to diabetes, or if you want to avoid developing this disease altogether, you should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially the non-starchy ones. You should be eating a lot of vegetables such as: broccoli, green beans, carrots, and spinach. If you or your family are at a risk of diabetes, you should center your diet around the natural whole grain food groups, such as brown rice and whole-wheat pasta. Food types you should avoid are processed grain products. Also fish, lean meats, and calorie-free drinks should be included.


2. Maintain Your Weight. Your weight is also a big factor if you happen to be prone to diabetes. So if you happen to be overweight, you will have a greater risk of diabetes because the stored body fat in your body can develop a high resistance against insulin. If your body does not get it’s daily requirement of insulin, the extra weight is responsible for making your cells resistant to glucose, which can eventually lead to diabetes.

3. Regular Exercise. A lot of the experts in this field believe that if you maintain a regular exercise regime and workout consistently on a weekly basis, this will reduce the risk and possibility of developing diabetes. Exercise not only helps keeps a person fit and avoids obesity. So for those who may be at a risk of diabetes, should implement a workout routine that involves muscle and cardiovascular exercise at least 3 times a week. It doesn’t have to be routine or boring. You can combine it with a brisk walk, jogging, weight lifting, swimming or cycling, or even doing household chores. Anything that involves plenty of physical movement.

4. Eliminate Bad Habits. Habits such as smoking or drinking excessive alcohol are factors that increase the risk of developing diabetes. This is critical, especially if you have a high risk for Type 1 diabetes as the toxins that enter the body make it harder for your immune system to cope.

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