Blame The Global Warming Concern Directly To The Actions Of Us Humans

Global warming has been a big political issue and thus concern this decade as our little green planet is turning a slight tinge of tan, color wise. This can be directly attributed to the human race and its rising actions globally. Automobiles are the main culprit, as well as the massive factories that pump extensive greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, contributing to the warming change.

An international team of experts recently said it has proof us humans are directly responsible for driving up the global temperatures in both earth polars, the Arctic and the Antarctic. The environmental team says that the massive greenhouse gases that are consistently pumped into our atmosphere are responsible in fueling the temperature change.

Our direct results and actions demonstrate that our activities are causing significant warming, particularly during this decade as the massively populated countries such as China, India and Russia continue to industrialize with the rest of the world. The result is the actions directly impact the polar biology and the once massive and secure ice sheet masses on the poles arew warming significantly, disrupting the balance as well as the global sea level.

The biggest change has been noticed particularly in the Antarctic, which is the primary issue in the political yet environmental global warming debate. On some parts of this icy continent, which in particular is the South Pole, are actually cooling down, prompting some skeptics to say that the global warming theories are not entirely correct.

There has been however, “overall warming” in the Western parts of the Antarctic ice sheets over the past 20 years, and since 2002, the temperature on the coastal regions of Antarctica has been rising.

The change in the North Pole, particularly the Arctic is been a lot more dramatic. This region has warmed over twice the rate globally over the past 30 years, and has experienced record breaking warmth in ice sea levels in the past two years. The rivers are starting to overflow, the once secure permafrost is melting at alarming rates and the mighty Greenland’s once thick ice sheet has been losing glacier ice into water at an alarming rate.


Pinning down the direct cause of the increasing temperature has been tricky, but looking at the 6+ billion inhabitants of this earth is a start. There is no long term historical weather data on these polar regions, so this could just be a phase or something more of concern.

Researchers that work with climate change models, which simulate certain actions and its effects on the real world, look for changes in temperature caused by certain changes such as solar energy, meteors hitting the earth or volcanic eruption and its emission effects. The team claims the biggest impact is us humans, who have contributed to the warming than anything else. Both polars, the Arctic and the Antarctic are affected by the deadly greenhouse gas emissions emitted in the atmosphere.

The researchers are constantly improving the climate change models to further assess the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets, which hold massive amounts of water. They are on the path to melt away completely in the next few decades, and the sea level globally would rise by 150 feet.

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