Bling H2O – Bringing You More Water For Your Buck

So someone brighter than us said a few decades ago that… water will be a scarce commodity and people will be willing to pay for pure clean drinking water. Yeah, right. Fast forward to 2007 and today’s most desired object of desire and ultimate status symbol is… Water. H2O. As in Bling H20. Bling H20, (H2O = Water :0) is bottled water that sells for $35-$55 per bottle.

The design itself has won awards where each individual bottle is decorated with Swarovski crystals. The water errr. cherished liquid nectar gold that resides inside the bottle is from Tennessee. The spring water is purified in a multi-step process including ozone and ultraviolet treatment as well as micro-filtration. mmm sounds good.

How is Bling H2O promoted? Bottles of this drink were given away as promos to athletes, actors and other important worthy people at the recent Emmys, as well as the MTV Music Awards. Has the buzz caught on… hell yes.

Where Did Bling H2O Originate?

Bling H2O was created by Hollywood producer, Kevin G. Boyd, who is all aware that image is the single most important issue to the rich and famous and the water bottle they pack around and sip, tells a lot about the person.

Bling H2O is ultimate pop-culture at its finest and it’s contents which resides inside a bottle… is free. Its water. Clearly I am not water connoisseur, but if Paris Hilton thinks her dog deserves it.. then it’s good enough for me.


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