Blogrush By John Reese A Widget That Will Explode Your Blog Traffic

John Reese, the creator of BlogRush, is a well known Internet Marketing expert where the guru’s go to seek advice. He had the first “Million Dollar” Online Internet Marketing sales day selling his “Traffic Secrets” home study marketing program several years back. He introduced the art of the humongous sales page marketing and turned the traditional mail order industry upside down and to a completely new level by selling a $1000 Internet Marketing tutorial program comprised of DVD’s and manuals via a web page and delivered it straight to your home. He set the standard for high ticket internet marketing and many have followed.

Recently, Mr Reese stated he will go back to the original roots of the internet and that free viral information, products and services is the way to go in the new and improved interactive internet in 2007 and beyond. In his free ebook – The Rebirth of Internet Marketing – he claimed that the days of the huge gigabyte sized sales pages were extinct. What would be prominent was short and to the point videos providing instant interaction with website visitors. More namely Web 2.0, social networking using blogs and social bookmarketing orientated marketing.

The Birth Of BlogRush
So his latest creation is no surprise. Blogrush is a viral widget that you encode into your blog. It is a content sharing network that promises to send you free focused web traffic to your niche blog. How? Well the widget you place displays and shares with others, recent posts from your blog via the RSS feed you provide.

The viral concept is unique in itself. Blogrush utilizes an algorithm that fashions a pyramid style, multi-level marketing concept. This is designed so that the more you promote and refer your blogrush code, the more traffic you will get to your blog.

There is an Introductory Video that you can view on the blogrush concept, but the process is pretty straight forward.
– Signup for an account with a valid email. Submit your name, blog Rss feed and choose a category. Place the widget code onto your blog.
– You earn credits everytime the blog page displaying the widget is loaded. So if your blog is visited and loaded 200 times, then your latest post will be displayed and shared 200 times on other blogs who has the blogrush widget.
– Referring others to signup with your blogrush link and they install the widget is when the viral really kicks in. The person that signs up.. say gets 250 visitors to their blog. That means your blog title will be shown an additional 250 times within that category. This is level one and the traffic exponentially explodes as you will receive traffic from ten levels.


Blogrush takes the explosiveness of network or multi-level marketing using free traffic as a vehicle instead of a product. Visitor traffic will depend on how busy your blog is and how many you refer via your link. As the concept is pyramid in nature, it is advised that you get in early.

The cost to join Blogrush is free. John Reese proclaims that he will focus on free viral marketing methods on his blog and his ebook and this certainly is in the right direction.

If your are interested in installing the widget on your own blog – Register Here

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