Blue tooth Headset Review

We have found when doing our blue tooth headset review, that rating the various bluetooth manufacturers is actually difficult to do as they are quite similar and there are limited manufacturers to choose from. Our blue tooth headset review has found that these headsets can never be as small or as light as conventional wired headsets. The reason being the bluetooth headset requires a built in battery and additional functions as well. Please keep in mind that this extra bulk will impact how the headset mounts on your ears.

In our blue tooth headset review, we found there are two distinct styles: The first type has a loop that curls around the ear. This style is the most comfortable, but may not be as secure due to the headset falling off when your head is tilted or moved quickly. The other type of blue tooth headset in our review is the module piece being placed directly into the ear. They are obviously less comfortable, but due to it’s size, are more secure.

Some Factors to Consider
The cost is an obvious issue. Our blue tooth headset review has found various prices depending on the vendor and the manufacture make. Some of the so called “clone” models are considerably lower in cost.

Factors To Consider In Our Blue tooth Headset Review #1: Ergonomics
1. Make sure you check to see if the actual bluetooth device is easy and convenient enough to put in and out of your ear.
2. Are the control buttons on the headset easy to use?
3. The headset should be light and comfortable enough to wear for long phone calls.
4. Can you use the bluetooth headset if you wear a pair of glasses or sunglasses?
5. Make sure that you can wear it in either ear.
6. When you aren’t wearing the bluetooth headset, you’ll need to see how easy it is to store the item for easy retrieval.
7. Our last recommendation in our blue tooth headset review suggests that you consider it’s weight. You do not want something that is constantly falling off your ear due to bulkiness.

Factors To Consider In Our Blue tooth Headset Review #2: Ease of use.
1. The commands and controls should be easy to remember and use.
2. The volume level should be easy to adjust.
3. You should be easily able to turn the bluetooth headset on and off quickly.
4. The operation manual should be very well written and easy for you to understand.
5. There should be a support number for you to call if you should experience any type of problem.

Factors To Consider In Our Blue tooth Headset Review #3: Bluetooth Headset Features
1. You’ll need to know about the reliability of the battery. The length of talk time it allows, the type of battery and if it displays a battery strength meter.
2. How many devices can the bluetooth headset be used with?
3. Our blue tooth headset review also recommends how well is it serviceable and what is the length of warranty period.
4. Check the sound quality for both sending and receiving audio.
5. What type of range does the headset offer?

Hopefully our blue tooth headset review has provided enough information for you to make a well informed decision.


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