Broadband National Offers Comparison Shopping On – Hi-Speed Internet, VoIP And Other Telecom Services

Broadband National is a leading comparative shopping network offering broadband services and products based on: the most affordable price, the fastest internet speed and reliability, national and local broadband provider comparisons for both Consumers and Businesses. The proprietary software that Broadband National uses – (“IBIS 3.0”) Integrated Broadband Information System, allows customers to make instant product and service based comparisons to get the best deals on High Speed Cable or ISDN Internet Providers and Cable or Digital Phone Services for their immediate geographic area.

Some of the premier brands Broadband National represents include: Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Verizon Online, Charter Communications, AT&T Yahoo!, HughesNet Satellite and Qwest amongst dozens of other regional and national broadband providers. Millions of shoppers looking for service have used Broadband National, with more than 250,000 directly purchasing broadband, VoIP, or other similar telecom services via this service.

The Broadband National IBIS system is so unique that corporations such as Comp USA, Office Depot, Tiger Direct and thousands others lease the technology to offer the broadband services on their websites as well as in their retail stores.

Benefits for Comparison shopping on
• Provider service availability checks for up to 50 providers from a single source
• Easily and instantly order online
• Up to date information on the lowest cost broadband deals
• Exclusive incentives from Broadband National such as: Cash Back Rebates, Free Modems/Router Bundles and Free music/video downloads.
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