Burn Notice – Michael Weston CIA Operative – You’re Fired

Plan, covert and execute operations based on and for the good of the United States and the protection of human rights is a motto adopted by the Central Intelligence Agency. People and agents who represent and become a violation or exposes the true nature of intent are eliminated. The protection of the true plan of execution and covering the paper trail if gone wrong is paramount. Accounting they call it.

When spies are no longer needed, they just don’t get fired, they get burned. Identities are completely wiped out and a ghost is born. Micheal Weston, a CIA Operative while in mid duty finds out he gets a “Burn Notice”. Forced to go on the run, he flashes back on the the path of why the destruction, who’s wire did he trip on, what line was crossed. Why has he become a hazard to the corporation who only covers and protects it’s own tracks.

Flashback to the operations overseas while protecting the safety of the United States and the free world and most recently his own back. Getting the job done always involved doing whatever it takes, including risking his own life to get the assignment completed. Go undercover to exploit and stop potential terrorist actions on U.S. soil, cross and be double crossed to protect public awareness of possible violations of technological disasters and the spread of disease? Or was it the elimination and torture of suspected drug lords who has infiltrated the highest rungs of the corporate agency structure.

On the run, with no resources to work with, Weston only has his training skills for survival. The same instincts taught by the very organization who now wants him erased and possibly eliminated. Why the termination? Find out what Weston did to distain the C.I.A and what he’s going to do about it. Tune into USA Network’s Burn Notice starting on Thursday, June 28th and watch your back.


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